Who are we?

Nguyen Shack was created by a Vietnamese (Theu) Canadian (Maxime) couple. Both of us love the nature very much and we want to make the tourist that visit us feel at home in the beautiful nature of Vietnam. That is why we created our cabins in harmony with the nature to connect with the elements. We keep everything as much rustic as possible to show the natural beauty of the place. We are thinking that sustainable tourism is the futur of tourism. That is why all our huts and furniture are built with wood that we chose locally to reduce our impact on environnement. 

Why Phong Nha 

The National Park of Phong Nha-Ke Bang is the most beautiful and well preserve national park in Vietnam. Here you can admire some of the largest caves of the world and the amazing jungle mountain landscape with luxuriant vegetation. This is the perfect place for nature lover whom like to challenge themselves with jungle mountain trekking. 

Our mission

At Nguyen Shack we want to give you a glimpse of the real Vietnam . We know that as a tourist it is not always easy to be immerse into the local culture.  This is why our team are really happy to spend quality time with you and share their knowledge about the area and the life of local living here to make you understand better the reality of life in Vietnamese countryside.

Peaceful location

We built our cabin at the end of a little village on a small lake located between small hills to feel relax and immerse in the nature 100% of your time here. No pollution, no motor noise, big land and big swimming pool. Perfect place to relax after a big day of adventure trekking the jungle and caving in amazing caves.