Local Food Trek

Local Food Trek

4:30pm to 9:30pm


This tour will start with a one-hour boat ride to Can Tho City to enjoy the big river of the Mekong Delta. When you arrive at the harbour in the middle of the city centre you will first visit a popular restaurant serving some yummy snakes and crocodiles, the second stop will be a street food restaurant serving some delicious frogs and rats on the menu. The third stop in a local restaurant serving succulent BBQ pork rolls to practice your skill of rolling food in a rice paper. Our tour guide will teach about Vietnamese food culture. The tour includes drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic). Vegetarian option available


  • Going by boat to Can Tho City with the sunset on the river
  • Walk from the pier to the first restaurant to eat snake and crocodile
  • Discover more the city until the second restaurant to try frog and rat
  • Walk a bit more taste amazing Nem Lui, a kind of fresh summer rolls with BBQ pork.
  • Walk until the street food market to have a dessert 
  • Back to the Shack by night on the boat and digest your big dinner

Price & inclusion



  • English-speaking tour guide 
  • Boat driver and petrol for the boat
  • All the food and drinks in 3 restaurants
  • Desert in the street food market
  • Complimentary bottles of water


  • Any extra expenses