Nguyen Shack history

The adventure started in 2012 when a Canadian backpacker (Maxime) met a a Vietnamese lady (Theu) in Can Tho, Mekong Delta. Theu started her own homestay after working 20 years in the tourism industry all around Vietnam. Maxime arrived in her life 2 month after she opened the Original Nguyen Shack. At the beginning it was only 5 bungalows and since then they are growing the business together.

In 2014, five more bungalows was built in Ninh Binh, also well known under the name of “terrestrial Ha Long Bay” because of the splendid karst mountain all around. The project was a success there and they quickly extend to 11 rooms to give access to this  little piece of paradise to more people. Then they move back to Can Tho in 2015 to extend to 14 rooms.

In April 2016, they decided to open a new Shack in the big city of Saigon right in the middle of District 1 with 9 rooms on 5 floor. To keep the peacefulness of the countryside the Saigon Shack is located on a quiet little alley and the decoration is with bamboo furniture and full of greenery.

November 2016, they opened a backpacker hostel in Phong Nha town nearby the largest caves of the world and in August 2018 they extended to the countryside with an Eco Resort built around a small lake surrounding by many hills. This last project it's the largest one with 26 rooms and a big boat shape's swimming pool.

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