Traditional Vietnamese Cuisine

You can enjoy a free “à la carte” breakfast every morning.

We also have many options for lunch and dinners

Journey Through Traditional Cuisine

Get a “native cuisine” cooking class at the discounted price and savor tasty traditional Vietnamese cuisine . Learn how to cook your lunch or dinner will be complemented by wonderful views from our lake hill restaurant.  The class take about 2 hours and can be book at anytime between 10am and 4pm. 

Please book during your stay with us  one day in advance at the reception


Our Besteller

Vietnamese BBQ

When one table  take the BBQ, the good smell often give the inspiration to other guess and we have many table ready to taste our amazing BBQ with local marinade. As our restaurant is open air by the lake,  it’s the perfect place to grill some food on your table. The most popular is Beef BBQ, but we also have vegetarian option with delicious tofu to be grill with your vegetables. 


Opening Hours :

Our restaurent is open all day from 6am to 9pm, but it is also possible to eat out of regular hours in case of early check-in or late check. Just need to ask us in advance.