When you enter in Nguyen Shack Saigon you will see that the lobby of the hotel is also a little shop that call Drink Vietnam. It is like a little museum with a big collection of infused spirit, herbal tea and special coffee. In our lobby, you are surrounding by walls entirely cover with special drink and each product have their own description to learn more about Vietnamese culture and the traditional medicine with these herbs used daily by many people all around the country.

When you visit us you also can take something to eat. We have a food menu including snack, finger food or a full meal to go with your drink tasting.

In the Vietnamese culture the man use to do “nhau”.  A  friendly ritual consisting into meeting your friends and drinking rice wine or herbal rice wine together with some finger food. Because only drinking alcohol without food is not healthy 😉

All our item on the menu are choose for their healthy propriety. Vietnamese cuisine is internationally well know for is freshness and healthy products used to prepare very tasty meal.