The Bungalows are fully furnished and provides amenities that will make you feel comfortable. The bungalows with balcony are located over the lake next to mountains. The rusticity of the site combined with the leisure of modern comfort creates a unique venue. Each room interior has been meticulously designed with a delicate, functional romanticism to give a harmonious, welcoming feeling. All rooms fully equipped with wifi, fan, heat-fan, hot shower and a mini bar. We will make your holiday being unforgettable and you will want to be back here as our guests regularly.


Roof Thatch brings an exotic look using tropical leaves. Nguyen Shack mainly focuses to promote environmental awareness with natural materials and providing inspiration to consumers who are ready to make small changes toward a better environment.  Nature Bamboo Wall are harvested from Vietnamese bamboo tree. We have carefully scrutinized the best Eco-friendly and sustainable products. Everything we use doesn’t cause damage to the environment when produced and disposed of as well.


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