shack is a small, roughly built hut used as a shelter. Shack are usually build by wood, tin or any material that can be found around. Usually build without specific technique and at no cost it also can be traditionally built by local farmers in some rural area.

Verb to shack up :
1. To live with someone or stay at someone's house temporarily. E.g. "We've been shacking up at my brother's place while our house is being renovated."
2. When a new couple start to sleep and live together without being married. E.g. "They had been dating for two months and then decided to shack up." 

Our vision of a Shack

In the city a shack will be in a slum area. That's why here we don't have a proper shack, but we still stay inspire by our countryside shack we many wood and bamboo furniture. Everything still built with local material. The decoration is chic-rustic with a strong inspiration from the Vietnam countryside culture that we symbolise through different elements of the construction and the decoration. We want to give an authentic rustic vibe, but with everything you can need from modern confort as a comfy bed, mini-bar and aircon to name a few. 

The Nguyen Shacks will quickly become your home far from home. Anytime you can shack up here to have an evasion of your routine or just to come enjoy the nature with our outside feeling cabins. Here is the best place to take a break and disconnect.