About Us: Your Gateway to Tranquility in Phong Nha

Welcome to Nguyen Shack Retreat, a family-run nature yoga retreat nestled near the breathtaking Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam!

We are a Vietnamese-Canadian family with a deep love for travel and a passion for sharing the transformative power of yoga and nature connection. We bring over 25 years of experience in crafting unforgettable experiences, having previously operated 3 other Nguyen Shacks around Vietnam.

In 2022, we embarked on a transformative journey of our own! We sold our other retreats and spent 6 incredible months exploring Vietnam, Europe, and reconnecting with our daughter's grandparents in Canada. This exciting adventure solidified our desire to share our love for travel and connection with others, and so we began our family travel vlog, "Gia Dinh Phuot" (link to your Youtube channel here). Feel free to follow along and get a glimpse into our lives and travels!

Our Journey Continues

Never ones to sit still, in 2023 we opened a unique train restaurant in Saigon, where food was served by toy trains! While this venture was a delightful adventure, our hearts ultimately called us back to the peaceful countryside and the transformative experiences we offer at [Your Retreat Name]. Returning to Phong Nha in 2024 allowed us to focus all our energy on making your stay truly exceptional.

Aligning with Our Values

Creating a space for deep relaxation and connection with nature resonates deeply with our core values. We believe in fostering a sense of peace and rejuvenation, and the tranquility of Phong Nha provides the perfect backdrop for this.

Our Dedicated Team

Now, with renewed focus and passion, we've poured our hearts and expertise into creating [Your Retreat Name]. Here,you'll find a dedicated team passionate about making your stay unforgettable:

  • Experienced Yoga Instructors: Led by passionate and knowledgeable teachers, our yoga classes cater to all levels.

  • Meditation Guides: Find inner peace and mindfulness with the guidance of our expert meditation leaders.

  • Adventure Leaders: Explore the wonders of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park with our experienced adventure guides.

  • Local Culinary Experts: Savor delicious and authentic Vietnamese cuisine prepared by our team of local culinary experts.

Your Adventure Awaits

Our retreat offers the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Start your day with a rejuvenating yoga session on our serene lakefront terrace. Embark on exciting explorations within the national park, discovering hidden caves, lush jungles,and breathtaking natural wonders. Upon your return, refresh yourself with a swim in our tranquil setting, and as the sun dips below the horizon, unwind with a calming meditation session.

Join us at Nguyen Shack Retreat and reconnect with yourself
and nature in the heart of captivating Phong Nha!

Nguyen Thi Theu

For over 25 years I've worn many hats in Vietnam's tourism industry, starting in ktichen and working my way up through different roles in managment, even becoming an OTA agent. This diverse experience gave me a deep understanding of the industry, and ultimately, the desire to create something truly special for travelers.

In 2012, that dream materialized with the opening of Nguyen Shack, my very own homestay in Can Tho. Fate intervened shortly after, when I met my wonderful husband. Together, we poured our hearts into Nguyen Shack, bringing it from a rustic homestay into a comfee resort/retreat nestled in the breathtaking beauty of Phong Nha.

This journey has been incredibly rewarding. It's more than just running a retreat; it's about creating a welcoming space for guests and helping them craft unforgettable memories in Vietnam.

Maxime Godin-Murphy

Travel and destiny collided in 2012 when I met my amazing wife, Theu, at her charming homestay in Can Tho. While it was basic then, I saw the potential and joined forces with her. Together, we combined her deep roots in Vietnamese tourism with my global travel experience.

This dream team created unique accommodations across Vietnam, culminating in our ultimate project: a retreat nestled in the stunning Phong Nha landscape.

Living the dream in the Vietnamese countryside, I share my love for this adopted home with every traveler I meet. My mission? To make them fall in love with Vietnam as much as I have.

Kim & An

Family is at the heart of everything we do. Our two daughters, the fruits of our love, are a constant source of inspiration. We believe raising them in the Vietnamese countryside, surrounded by breathtaking nature, offers a unique and enriching experience fro them.

They enjoy very much to meeting travelers from all over the world. Be expose to different cultures and having friend for many different countries broadens their horizons. While they enjoy these multicultural interactions, they also receive a strong academic foundation through homeschooling. This also allows us to travel with them during the off-season, exposing them to diverse cultures around the globe.

How can I begin to describe my time a Nguyen Shack Retreat... It was simply life-changing! I always imagined that Vietnam would be a breathtaking destination, but thanks to Maxime & his family, I was able to not just experience the culture, but have once-in-a-lifetime memories. I got so much more than I ever anticipated from my holiday.

Alex Teryer




We are looking foward to welcome you in our beautiful Retreat. Contact us so we can help you organize a memorable stay at the best nature retreat in Vietnam!