Phong Nha is much more than a National Park with big cave. Phong is also a place to connect with people and understand the rural lifestyle of Vietnam. We can help you to arrange a nice day tour to meet local people in Bong Lai Valley, Canh Duong mural village or just around Phong Nha town by giving you tips and good address for memorable experience!


At Nguyen Shack, be ready to live a mix cultural experience with out indian yoga teacher, you will also be able to learn more about the origin country of Yoga through the yoga and meditaion class, but also by talking with our teacher about cultural difference between Vietnam, India and the west.


Vitenam number religion is buddhism and here at Nguyen Shack we ar making honor to this religion in our decoration, but also in our conversation. We like to talk about this not only as a reglion, but also as a philosophy, because as you may know. Buddhism is NOT a reglion, ther is no god and it's more about a way of seeing and understandint the life.


Hungry for something new? Your search is over. The fresh and exciting cuisine of Vietnam will make your taste buds happy for weeks to come. Our restaurant at the retreat have a wide selection of classic vietnamese food, but with a small selection of classic confort western food to. So everybody can enjoy delicious dinner together with an amaxing view from our restaurant


The culture in Phong Nha is colourful and ready to be explored by the curious. Contact us so we can make sure that you don't miss anything crucial during your trip.




Bali is an amazing place to immerse yourself into a rich culture, which can surprise you with its history, monuments, celebrations and, of course, food. Contact us so we can help you organize a memorable stay at one of the most magical places on the planet.